Chef Frederico Bozzo

It was like a love story when Chef Frederico found his passion for cooking as a teenager in his hometown in Genova. Inspired by his Mother, whom is heralded within the family as a fabulous cook, he pursued his journey to turning his passion into a profession.

To date, Chef Frederico has accumulated over 14 years of working in kitchens of various restaurants and hotels namely Parioli Restaurant Milan, Real sociedad de la Comunidad Valencia, Holiday Inn Brighton and Carluccio’s Brighton.

In his years as a chef, he has served many high profile public figures who are mainly footballers and celebrities which includes Gigi Dalessio, Valeria Marini, Ignazio la Russa.

While his specialty dish is Pasta al Pesto alla Genovese, Chef Frederico always has his thinking hat on, experimenting, improving and improvising and developing new dishes with hope to please the demanding palates of his patrons.